Outsourcing Accounting Services

Outsourcing Accounting Services

BDO International provides solutions best suited to the following issues of each client:

  • Increasingly strict requirements related to financial reporting
  • Lack of resources to meet high requirements
  • Management of outsourcing firms which varies between country
  • Report based on inconsistent management materials
  • Inefficient treasury operations without effective control or governance
  • Slow and inflexible accounting system incapable of responding to changing business conditions
  • Lack of clarity/transparency of financial information

Outsourcing accounting services include the following:

  • Daily and monthly operations

    • Billing and deposit management / adjustment of reimbursable expenses / payment management / preparation of fixed asset registers
    • Preparation of  journal entry and general ledger / preparation of monthly financial statements
  • Account settlement

    • Preparation of settlement-related documents (including quarterly report and semi-annual report) / preparation of financial statements stipulated under Japan's Companies Act
    • Preparation of consolidated financial statements (including U.S. GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS))
    • Accounting and management of special purpose corporations (SPC)
  • Consolidated account settlement

    • Support for accounting of consolidated subsidiaries / introduction and preparation of consolidated financial statement package
    • Preparation of quarterly/annual financial reports (summary of consolidated financial results, securities reports)

BDO International responds flexibly and swiftly to clients' needs globally through cooperation among member offices located in over 150 countries and regions. In addition, a single dedicated team provides services, who requires business outsourcing services in one or more country or region, based on a single contract. Furthermore, with the use of a cloud-based accounting system, we provide clients with access to real-time information anytime as required.