Outsourcing HR Services

Outsourcing HR Services

Through outsourcing HR services, we offer the following support related to payroll calculations, including monthly salary and bonus calculations and year-end tax adjustment, and services related to social insurance.

Please be informed that we provide services through BDO Social Insurance & Labor Consulting Co. when the service requires a Labor and Social Security Attorney's license stipulated under the Act on Public Consultants on Social and Labour Insurance, in order to comply with laws and regulations.

Payroll calculation

  • Monthly salary and bonus calculations, including issuance of salary and bonus pay slips
  • Retirement and severance payment calculation
  • Bank transfer of salary, bonus, retirement and severance payment on behalf of the company
  • Year-end tax adjustment
  • Resident/Local tax notifications (payroll report / changes)
  • National and local withholding tax payment on behalf of the company
  • Benefits in kind (legal rent / economic benefit)
  • Expatriate payroll

Social and labor insurance

  • Procedures for joiners and leavers (labor accident, employment, health, and welfare pension)
  • Continuation of labor insurance (collective), fixed project application and notification
  • Special application for Labor Accident Compensation Insurance (Type 1 / Type 3)
  • Application for Health Insurance Association
  • Annual update labor insurance (including special subscribers)
  • Notification of base amount for calculation of social insurance (including notification of monthly changes)
  • Application for social and labor insurance benefits (injury allowance, childbirth allowance, leave compensation benefit etc.)
  • Application and notification related to social security agreements (in each country)
  • Participation in examination by Labor Standards Inspection Office  
  • Participation in social insurance audit