Global Outsourcing

Global Outsourcing

As laws and regulations related to accounting and tax in each country change rapidly with an increasing complexity, under the severe environment for business, it is extremely difficult for companies to handle accounting and tax practices without professionals’ support. Especially, for companies at the growth stage, such as at the initial stage of overseas expansion, are having challenges to internally secure personnel who are capable to manage accounting and tax.

At BDO International, member offices located in over 150 countries and regions cooperate with each other to provide the following services aimed at contributing to the growth of companies by reducing burdens of clients at the growth stage related to accounting and tax practices.

Accounting and HR-related services

  • Accounting outsourcing including bookkeeping
  • Payroll calculation/HR-related service outsourcing

Legal services

  • Procedures for establishment of a local subsidiary, branch, and representative office
  • Visa and license application
  • Procedures for change of registration

For more details about the services above, please make inquiries; as services differ in each country due to regulations.

In addition, we are able respond to inquiries from individual accounting firms and others that are considering providing overseas office services to their clients. Please feel free to contact us.