BDO International

BDO International is guided by the common vision shared by all member firms, which are mentioned below, aimed at providing exceptional services. Making efforts to achieve the common vision is one of the greatest strengths of BDO International.

  • CLIENT NEEDS - Staying ahead of client needs

BDO International has been selected as a business partner of both listed and non-listed companies around the world. In order to provide better services, BDO International invest a large portion of its time in understanding clients' needs and current situations as well as building sound relations with them. BDO International stays ahead of client needs by utilizing its deep understanding of the respective clients' markets and industries as well as professional accounting and tax skills.

  • COMMUNICATION - Timely and open communication

BDO International believes in utmost importance of timely and open communication. This is why BDO International's clients are able to directly exchange opinions with experts with deep understanding of the respective industries. Active exchange of opinions is also carried out in each service team with the participation of partners having professional knowledge.

  • COMMITMENTS - Providing high-quality and reliable professional services

BDO International requires all of its member firms to provide high-quality services meeting client needs on a daily basis. To achieve this, BDO International has set strict standards for client services that should be satisfied by all member firms while establishing a framework to collect feedbacks from clients.

  • PEOPLE - Development of professional staff

BDO International provides its staff with the training necessary to acquire skills and sufficient opportunities to fully demonstrate their skills. An appropriate environment to develop staff leads to the development of skilled professionals, helping us provide exceptional services.

  • VALUE - Contribution to clients' sound development

BDO International believes that its new and innovative ideas will help clients achieve their goals and commercial success. BDO International's advice is backed by professional knowledge regarding each country and region as well as extensive experience in providing services globally. In this globalized economy, we believe that our global experience will be highly valuable for clients' business.