Business succession/property tax consulting

Business Succession/Property Tax Consulting

If we are asked by the founders and the business owner for our “business succession consulting”, we will start confirming on how, when, and to whom the business owner has in mind to pass on their business.

The business owners often change the idea and structure of their succession plan to keep up with frequently amended inheritance tax law.

Our experience tells that the current tax saving plan will be invalid in future and will often, on the contrary to its original purpose, end up leaving huge amount of loans on the inheritor.  We therefore believe that the business succession plan is not for tax saving but to support the founders to pass the business to its next era successfully and effectively.

BDO Tax Co. does not provide one-off business succession consulting, because what such consulting service may end up providing is merely a tax saving advice valid at present and the client may not be able to enjoy the expected benefits after future tax reforms.

Further, property tax consulting is to provide tax advice on the transfer of assets during the business succession.

BDO Tax Co. provides the following business succession and property tax consulting services as needed.